Dog Day Afternoon

It’s 2021

There are two reasons I decided to write this post.

1. A street dog attacked the newest member in our family, Ino. She is a beautiful Greyhound and about 4 months old. If you ask me what color she is, I would try google to come up with a fancy name for brown?

2. I met two interesting and genuine people on the internet today. (They seem as real as me)

It’s been about a week since Ino got here. I decided to name her Ino because of my recent consumption of the Japanese series Naruto. I absolutely love it. It’s my new favourite thing to obsess over. I saw three seasons straight on Netflix. I remember having a conversation with a friend about the amount of content we consume these days. It’s unimaginable! Imagine the amount of time and effort that goes into watching different stories unfold in different forms.(I just asked you to imagine the unimaginable). We are bound to forget about few of the shows. So how to remind yourself you watched something amazing and it made you feel things? Music. My friend expressed her views of putting it all in a playlist and sort of archiving the memories of a great show once watched. That got me thinking about how I put people, places and everything else in a playlist. I often fear forgetting everything. But with music it’s like you will never forget how and when you heard a particular song. This time, in order to remind myself how great Naruto is, I am doing something different. I am drawing! I draw just faces for now and write their catch phrase beneath or just the name. I am also making notes actually, I wanna be thorough and it includes a lot of details this crazy hidden village of leaves! Omg, I just realised.. I named Ino after one of the characters in Naruto and that is like the best way to immortalise it in my mind.At first, I wanted to name her Naruto, like the female version of the goofy, funny, badass ninja boy. It also meant that things are not always as they seem and you make your own destiny. Naruto was never seen by anyone. He was the clown of the class. And Ino is also made fun of because of her thin body. She literally has no body fat.. that’s because she is a racing dog. It doesn’t matter why though.. like how no one cares why Naruto acts the way he does why is he alone and craving for acceptance? That is the theme of the whole manga series. People start assuming after they get a look at you or hear a thing or two. When I take Ino out for a walk, on the streets people always assume she doesn’t eat much and is very weak. They say it with a ridiculous laugh. I didn’t like that bit much. Hence, the name Ino. Ino is a girl ninja on the show, she is stylish and kind. Ino also was the name of a Greek goddess. So, I believe Ino is very strong and will grow to be a very good and happy bitch.

Now about the attack today. Like I mentioned, Ino is an easy target for the dogs on the street. She looks timid and is only a baby right now. I was foolish enough to take her out for a walk in the morning without a stick in my hand. And the next stupid thing I did was to enter a new gali (lane). We were walking beside a construction site where I was about to take a picture of the beautiful red flowers on the tree above me when I saw a dog approach us. I didn’t think much of it and decided to just roll back. But the dog got into his wild beast mode and just stared the shit out of Ino. The air got intense and before I could apprehend anything.. it attacked Ino. I was trying to shoo the dog away but it wasn’t scared of anything!! I could see his blood lust eyes as I saw those same eyes on Gaara( Character in Naruto) I screamed for help. Now i don’t remember what I screamed.. but I sure as hell did scream. It’s all so jumbled now. I was really scared for Ino and for myself as by this time another dog entered the scene. The workers on the site threw some stones on them and tried to help us. Ino ran as fast as she could, I ran with her. It was horrible, the whole thing. She has a bruise on her hip. I cleaned her wound and decided to give her a bath. She was looking at me and I started crying. I felt so weak. I thought to myself..”I SHOULD HAVE PROTECTED HER!!” I replayed the whole incident in my head and thought of things I should have done differently. I should have defended her. I should have had the courage to do something to avoid this. It made me feel helpless. I cannot even help myself, how did I expect to save someone else’s life too? Save yourself, VANSHIKA. So you can save others you care about.

The second reason is Mooroo and Enuj. Both of them are in the Entertainment Industry. Artist. And I met Mooroo through Ali Sethi( greatest smartest man alive). Mooroo commented on one of the music videos of Ali Sethi and from there I had the opportunity to meet this funny talented Youtuber guy who travels to places with friends and recently got married to Enuj. Another beautifulllllll genuine soul. I say all of this with certainty because when I watched their videos.. I was with them. I was living them. They care about stuff and are here to show it. Simple as that. I love that about social media you know? You can just enter anyone’s home. Not in a creepy way. Home of Internet. “Come, welcome! This is me. My timeline. My story. Take the tour of the house and leave when you like. You can also come back anytime! Bye!”

The other thing about social media. The joy I just expressed while going through Mooroo’s life is real. It is also very temporary. Mooroo did inspire me to believe in dreams. But afterwards, I was mostly feeling sad. Demotivated. Pathetic. So that’s the opposite of what the content is supposed to make me feel? The purpose of someone putting their creative work out their is to inspire? To build a community. To express and exchange ideas and enthusiasm. I also felt incapable.Maybe I can’t use the good in the world to make me feel less shitty. I am gonna blame this year for my sad state of affairs for now. I should stop consuming and start resuming my life? I am doing that by sharing my most intimate thoughts on the internet.

Picture 1: Reference was made to Gaara. So here he is.

Picture 2: A weakling trying to imitate the tiger.

Picture 3: A panic picture

Picture 4: That’s Ino on the bean bag I bought in college.

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