People say I’m funny

  • I say this year is funny.

This is 2020.

I am not going to make any efforts to sound funny in this post, I promise.

This year so far has been tough for all of us for many reasons. For me, 2020 started with a bang 😉 and I was so sure it is going to be full of good things known to humankind and fill me with joy and hope for my future.

Now the uncertainty around the word future is felt by everyone which does make it better, I mean who doesn’t want to die and drag the whole world with them? As a kid, I always wanted our house to collapse or burn in an earthquake which resulted in my whole family dying together. It bothered me you know? To imagine a world without me in it.

I had so much fun with living, as a kid! I would look at my parents and fanticize about an adult life, I mean hey! I will be tall enough to face everyone and I get to do anything I want(lol). Later, I got to know that life is tough and no one is as happy as they seem and now my parents want to live vicariously through me!! No!! I didn’t sign up for this, cancel this plan.

I often wished that me from the future would rescue me from my present stupid self and warn me about a stupid haircut I’m gonna try or a sea green pair of jeans that goes with nothing.

I know, It doesn’t work that way, it is one thing to (try) know what’s right or wrong and another to experience it yourself, that is a crazy trip. I had to wear that pair of jeans, go out, come back home and stare at myself in the mirror to realise how bad it looks. Annd, Yes, I say trip because I am a millennial and trippy this life is.

The whole world is facing a pandemic called covid 19. It’s been two months of lockdown in India and finally people are getting used to the virus, I mean you need to treat a guest right, right? But wait, I think our guest has overstayed… and the burden to treat the guest is disproportionately divided, How nice. Once again, its not the guest who broke us, it just exposed us, amplified our shortcomings as as a country. Now there is no other option but to co exist with the virus(so exciting)

I didn’t want to write a happy first post.

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